We have performed work for numerous Fortune 1,000 companies, including many historically listed among the Fortune 10. We also perform work for lenders, law firms, accounting firms, publicly listed corporations, governmental agencies, municipalities, school districts, estates, and individual property owners. All real estate valuations are prepared by an MAI designated appraiser. Our experts are experienced in both the appraisal and analysis of real property, intangible assets, and intellectual property for a wide variety of intended uses, including:

Real Estate Valuation - Purpose / Intended Uses

  • Acquisition Appraisals
  • Charitable Donation Appraisals
  • Construction Financing Appraisals
  • Disposition Appraisals
  • Eminent Domain - Condemnation Appraisals
  • Estate Tax Valuations
  • Fee Simple Valuations
  • Gift Tax Valuations
  • Ground Lease Resets to Market Rental Value
  • Leased Fee Estate and Leasehold Valuations
  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
  • Purchase Price Allocation Appraisals
  • Purchase Financing Appraisals
  • Real Estate Tax Appeal Appraisals
  • Refinance of Existing Loans
  • Retroactive Appraisals

Real Property Assignments

  • Railroad Corridors and Maintenance Facilities
  • Pipeline Corridors 
  • Recreational Trails, (Rails to Trails under Notice of interim Trail Use Agreement, NITU)
  • Fair Market Rental of Land   
  • Easements     
  • Powerplant Sites (Peaker, Conventional, Nuclear)
  • Leasehold Interests    
  • Bank Facilities     
  • Utility Corridors, Communication Corridors
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Apartments     
  • Assisted Living/Skilled Nursing Facilities 
  • Biopharmaceutical Facilities   
  • Casino Sites     
  • Recording Studios
  • Condemnation Takings   
  • Refinery Sites
  • Residential Care Facilities
  • Residential Homes, Condominiums, Lots
  • Golf Courses     
  • Highway Corridors     
  • Resort Facilities
  • Hotels/Motels     
  • Restaurant/Lounges
  • Industrial Business Parks   
  • Restaurants, Quick Service
  • Leased Fee Interests    
  • Retail Outlets and Department Stores
  • Retail Centers
  • Manufacturing Plants    
  • Self Storage Facilities
  • Medical Office Buildings   
  • Service Stations
  • Office Buildings 
  • Headquarter Campuses 
  • Truck Terminals
  • Open Space     
  • Outdoor Advertising Signs   
  • Warehouse Facilities

Intangible Assets, Intellectual Property  

Acquisition, Merger, Joint Venture, Divestiture

Purchase Price Allocations

  • Financial Accounting—FASB ASC 805 and 820 formerly SFAS 141 (R) and 157
  • Financial Accounting—FASB ASC 350 formerly SFAS 142
  • Federal Tax Purposes—§1060 and §338

Interest Expense Attribution Studies—IRC §861 and §864(e)

Gift & Estate Tax Valuations

Royalty Rate and License Fee Studies

Solvency and Fairness Opinions

Transfer Pricing Studies

  • IRC §482 and §6662
  • OECD Guidelines

Stock Option Valuations—SFAS 123

Intellectual Property/Intangible Asset Valuations

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Asset Impairment Analyses

  • FASB ASC 350 formerly SFAS 142 —Goodwill, Indefinite Lived Intangible Assets
  • FASB ASC 360 formerly SFAS 144 —Long-Lived Assets

Cost Segregation Studies

  • New Construction
  • Acquired Properties
  • Retroactive Studies for Existing Properties